roseyviolet (roseyv) wrote,

So I was over yonder on Huffington Post just now, and saw the tape of some McCain stooge on MSNBC talking about how all the outrage over Sarah Palin's GOP-sponsored $150,000 wardrobe was just silly! And what people really ought to be incensed about is the fact that Barack Obama is using his campaign plane (which presumbly is funded by public donations) to frivolously and hedonistically fly to Hawaii, to ... visit his very sick ... grandmother, who raised him ... and helped support him after his mother died ...

It was hilarious. The post had something like 3,000 comments so far and every single one of them was supportive of Obama and his gramma. Not a single Republican troll or dead-ender screaming about terorrism or birth certificates. And on the one hand, I find it almost impossible to believe that the McCain campaign -- or the Republican party in general at this point -- could possibly get any stupider or more disorganized. It's as if literally every time any one of them opens his or her mouth lately, the direct, net result is an outpouring of financial support for the opposition. On the other hand, I hate to say it, but this still scares the crap out of me, because my suspicious, paranoid simply mind cannot accept the idea that this is unintentional. Seriously, nobody capable of finding his way into his clothes and out the door every morning could be this hapless, could they? It HAS to be part of some giant plot. Whether to deliberately throw the election or to lull us all into a false sense of security, I know not which, but honestly, I can't bring myself to believe it's just stupidity or bad luck.

Meanwhile, of the thousands of comments on the video of this douchebag Brad Blakeman fulminating about how Obama should be "humping his own luggage" on a commercial flight -- which, seriously? You mean the way McCain does? You mean the way I assume Sarah Palin and her five or six or however many kids she has now presumably does? For real? You've got the man on every terrorist watch list in the country. What airline would you suggest he and his staff and the journalists and the secret service guys pile onto? But anyway, out of these thousands of comments, after about the first six, fully a third of them were of the "well, I just donated another fifty dollars and said they should go ahead and use my money to pay for the trip to visit his nanna!" There's now a special donation button on blueamerica (I think) for that specific purpose.

So, long story short, I just wrote a check for fifty dollars. I wrote "get well soon, grandma" in the memo line. You just don't talk smack about someone's bubbe. Not even in her general direction. You just don't. As John McCain may learn to his dismay (or perhaps not, depending up on whether or not this is all part of the "Plan.")
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